Toy boy dating site - Toyboys meet gorgeous older women

Welcome to Yes! Mrs Robinson – she says Yes...’ve rocked up in the right place if you’re a confident older woman hoping to hook up with a tasty toyboy or two, or if you’re a toyboy who fancies engaging in some comely older woman dating! The taboo about age-gap dating is fast waning in these modern times and has been affirmed and popularised by many celebrity ‘cougar women younger men’ scenarios.

Yes! to the growing age-gap attraction – older women, younger (toyboy) men

Younger men are starting to notice attractive, more experienced, women (sometimes known as ‘cougars’) with whom they can have ‘no strings’ liaisons. Older women in their late thirties/early forties, who are reaching their sexual peak, want to make the most of their new-found exuberance with toyboys who can keep up. They are regularly using toy boy dating sites to meet their toyboy dating needs, enabling the coming together of lovers who might not otherwise mix in their usual social environment. There is even biological evidence to explain this age-gap attraction – it’s probably always been there, but society’s rules are ever relaxing, giving cougar/toy-boy dating an overdue and invigorating breath of fresh air.

Yes! Mrs Robinson, toyboy dating site is here to help

Whether you’re looking for casual toy boy dating, or even a longer relationship, say Yes! to Mrs Robinson – she has the perfect toyboy dating site to help send you on your way to age-gap relationship bliss. If that’s not enough to entice you, she’ll also share snippets of cougar gossip and toyboy titbits. Her blog will also cover toyboy tips and cougar dating advice, so you never need to worry about stuffing it all up. This toyboy site is not only here to introduce you to the sexy older woman or toyboy of your dreams, but also to advise and entertain you with serious and light-hearted suggestions aimed at easing any age-gap issues so they don’t interrupt your cougar/toyboy happiness.

Hey! Cougars! What is a ‘toyboy’ and why should you date one?

Although a toy boy is someone with whom you’ll want to play and have plenty of fun, we’re not talking Barbie’s Ken, Buzz Lightyear or Action Man here! Sure, you might be able to pick him up and set him aside as and when you wish, or perhaps even acquire a new one when the last one lies in an exhausted heap after you’ve worn him out. However, the same can be said of the toy boy in relation to you – it works both ways. Despite the age gap, you’re both likely to be on the same page in terms of your relationship ‘needs’.

We know you’re not actually a prowling predatory animal (a cougar) out to ensnare unsuspecting young flesh, because we know that those young toy boys are ready and eager – they don’t need to be caught and they certainly won’t behave like trapped animals. In fact, they want to date you because being ‘trapped’ is what they’re trying to avoid: Many toyboys don’t want to be tied down yet – that’s why they want to date you – the mature woman who’s already settled and happy in her own skin. Toyboys using cougar dating websites are looking for older experienced ladies who don’t need them simply for their sperm; chances are that you, the cougar, have ‘been there and got the baby-sick-covered T-shirt’ already.

Toyboy dating can help to breathe new life into your world, helping you to feel young, alive and attractive again: How? Because you’ll be spending time with a man who possesses those very qualities instead of one who hides his beer belly and bald patch behind the daily paper. After all, many middle-aged men jump ship for younger women and nobody bats an eyelid. So, there’s no reason why you can’t follow suit and start enjoying the thrills of toy boy dating. Give yourself a head start with Yes! Mrs Robinson’s niche toyboy dating site!

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