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Cougars play when the cat’s away!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

This post is aimed at cougar ladies who have grown-up kids. Perhaps the fruits of your loins have recently flown the nest to college, or they’ve finally moved out to their own place. Whatever the scenario, both parties are enjoying a new-found independence and – more to the point – privacy. Perhaps this has led you to explore cougar toyboy dating options? Have you been looking forward to reclaiming a precious sense of personal space? Whatever has led you here, it means that you can now afford to relinquish certain responsibilities and not worry too much about leading by example: You can come and go as you please and see whoever you want with no one to answer to. Sound familiar?

This new-found freedom will probably take a bit of getting used to: It might be the first time you’ve lived alone, and the first time for years that you haven’t had to worry about what time those troublesome teenagers are rolling in at night. It’s time for some role reversal: Very soon, you too could be tiptoeing up to the front door in the wee hours setting the neighbours’ curtains twitching. This could all be thrown into sharp focus when those fledglings return home for the hols. What happens to your new-found freedom then?

When they return, they’ll certainly have grown up very fast. They won’t want you fussing and fretting about them staying out late. It works both ways though – you will also have settled into a new routine and won’t appreciate curious sons or daughters peeking over your shoulder when you’re ‘sexting’ your toy boy! (That’s what the young folk are up to these days, so I’m told.) Both parties will require their privacy and both parties should try to be respectful of this new status quo. Hang onto this because it will give you bargaining power when you drop the bombshell…

If one of your dates has eventually turned into a toyboyfriend, you might be hard pushed to keep him secret during Uni. holidays. It could come as a bit of a shock to your offspring to find that mum’s been up to nonsense (if you’re lucky) with someone almost half her age while they’ve been away. But, you can field any backchat by making it clear that you also deserve a bit of fun after dedicating so many years to child rearing.

Some of you will have had the ‘but age doesn’t matter’ conversation with daughters who date unsuitably older men. You can remind her of this if things kick off when you share your news. You can use their own assertion of new-found independence to your advantage in explaining the need for mutual respect; it’s not just ‘yoof’ who can be footloose and fancy-free. Your offspring might suggest that your ‘friend’ has more in common with their generation than with you in a bid to ridicule your situation. If that’s the case, you can say that there’s no reason why they shouldn’t all get along famously when he comes over for dinner…

Toyboy performs follicular magic

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Rumours-a-plenty over the last few weeks are suggesting marital bliss on the cards for two of our favourite celebrity cougar toyboy couplings: Kylie has recently taken her beau, Andrés Veloncoso, down under to meet the parents on a trip home to see Danni’s new baby. Surely giving your toy boy a family airing is a rung up the commitment ladder? Gail Porter and Jonny Davies, fourteen years her junior, are also said to have future plans to tie the conjugal knot.

Interestingly, Gail Porter reckons that it’s all down to Jonny that her hair is growing back after she suffered alopecia when a former relationship ended. So, there’s seemingly no end to the possibilities of toyboy dating: not only to heal a broken heart but also to encourage previously redundant follicles to spring back to life – magic! Perhaps that’s why older men chase younger women – in a bid to reinstate former tresses – though it doesn’t appear to have the same effect; you can’t really count a toupee!

I’ve read some spurious articles recently about the cougar toyboy dating phenomenon simply being a media-constructed myth, or that it only happens in Hollywood. They were referencing a survey conducted by University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. The survey asked people about their long-term relationship preferences – but cougar ladies and toyboy men aren’t necessarily in it for the long-term. Perhaps if they had asked folk about their preferences for ‘a bit of fun’ they might have come closer to the truth. Granted, unusual relationships seem more common among celebrity stars, but that’s only because their shenanigans make it into the tabloid press. Just because Ms Everyday’s age-gap liaisons don’t make the gossip columns, doesn’t mean that she’s not out there having a fantastic time with young misters. If you ask me, this is simply another insidious way to tell women how to conduct their lives by denoting what is considered ‘normal’ in a bid to keep them ‘in their place’ lest they start having too much fun. After all, you’re here aren’t you? So, unless it’s all just a dreamy fantasy, we suggest that there’s definitely an increased interest in cougar toyboy dating, and our very own survey proves it.

So, if you’ve been reading such articles and you’re worried about being seen as some sort of social pariah, don’t fret, you’re among friends here at YesMrsRobinson and we hope you’ll all be delighted with each other’s company. Who wants ‘normal’ anyway?