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A Date With A Marxist

Death solves all problems – no man, no problem
Joseph Stalin

In my mind, I know I am perfect. But, the actual truth is that I am not perfect … as much as I would like to convince myself of the contrary. . So, why am I disappointed when others are not perfect? People in glass houses can’t throw stones. I always have very good reasons to walk away from some man or other, the list is long believe me.

There are of course certain things I won’t put up with … violence, abuse, cheapness, no manners, lying and no ambition. I now have a new one that I won’t put up with…Marxism. Strange but true.

I was soooo excited when Alan asked me out on a date, he was tall.  I like tall men, ooooh yes I do! I am not in the least attracted to men I am eye to eye with or who are shorter than me.

Alan also had hair; I adore a good head of hair the Ross Kemp baldy look is not for me. So far so good a very presentable younger man and we were going on a date.

The bar Alan chose for our date was stylish, had good ambiance and a contemporary twist.

Unfortunately my date was not so contemporary he revealed over a bottle of delightful Italian Canti that he was a Marxist. He was even involved in setting up a new political party and had been arrested several times for clashes on picket lines and demonstrations

For those of you that don’t know, Marxism is simple really, the total population is controlled by the government, everything you earn and everything you have is shared by all whether you like it or not….in Marxism you want to be one of the rulers so you can get all you want. As George Orwell said All animals are equal but some are more equal than othersWell I am a more equal kind of gal with as many shoes as Imelda Marcos and I don’t share!

I certainly could not see myself in a soviet flat in a crumbling concrete block such as those to be found in Russia or Eastern Europe. I lean more to the country house, luxury hotel standard of living.

The strange thing was I knew more about communism/Marxism than my date did. His excuse was he wasn’t interested in the past but in the now and the glorious future! Cue the anthem We’ll keep the red flag flying here…

So before I could poison my seriously boring date with radioactive polonium 210 a la Litvinenko, I made my excuses and headed for the exit, giving a sideways come hither stare at the gorgeous young man at the end of the bar, who knows he might be a raging capitalist and an old fashioned millionaire.

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