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Online Dating – The First Steps

Mae West said “Don’t cry for a man who’s left you, the next one may fall for your smile.” So thinking positive and sticking my head above the parapet after quite a while on my own I pressed the pay pal button to subscribe to on line dating that I hoped would open the portals to love and romoance.

Whilst listening to radio 4 on my drive to work, I listend avidly to a programme about internet dating and stored the tips for later use on my quest.

Finding the right phoot was soooo hard, group photos with me at a friends wedding, hey thats me I am the blonde in the middle, or me with the dog, shows I love animalss but doesnt do the job. I opted for one where I was dressed to impress, which I thought suggested glamour and sophistication. In other words do I look like I am a tree hugger who enjoys fell walking!

Photo sorted, my profile was next how I stressed over what to say, be unique, be light hearted, be honest, these were the tips from the radio show.None of them worked I just rattled of f what came into my head tweaked it a bitand thought, “that will have to do”!With expletives which are not ladylike or printable here!!

Oh joy, photo and profile given the thumbs up, so its ciocs away and off I go into the world wide web, looking for love…


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