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Toy Boy Date Daniel Craig Look-a-Like

One good thing about Internet dating: you’re guaranteed to click with whomever you meet. – Anonymous

Well I have clicked, you’re proving popular today! Said the email from the dating site. There in my in box was a message from a younger man with a look of Daniel Craig about him. I rushed off a response, he replied and the next thing I know we were instant messaging, exchanging phone numbers and then talking in the real world.

He texts me, I text back, which is a great step for me, as I dislike texting and often ignore text messages.  It’s so exciting, nice voice to match the Daniel Craig looks; he is actively seeking an older woman and wants to date yours truly.  Yes!!

Then somehow it went pear shaped. He asked me what I was going to wear on our date, I said I wasn’t sure. No way was I going to to do myself out of the pleasure of trying on a dozen or so outfits before I decided on the one to woo my date.

My Daniel Craig clone became quite assertive he insists I must wear a skirt.  Now I don’t take well at being told what to do.  After all I am a grown woman and haven’t been told what to wear since I was a child. However I am a lady and bit my tongue and said coyly “we’ll see.”

The texts and phone calls continue and now Daniel Craig lets slip he wants “excitement” he is a thrill seeker. He has a job in catering and lives with his parents but claims he lives “on the edge” The edge of what?

Our ideas of excitement are not compatible, so sadly my date is over before it’s begun.

Not to worry, I will walk to the edge if need be, laugh , love, choose without regret, I will listen to what you say, appreciate my friends, continue to learn, do what I love and live as if this is all there is. Oh, must go someone’s just winked at me and I have a new message…

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