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Childbearing cougars

Are you a cougar of childbearing age who hasn’t yet had children? It often seems that all the best blokes of our own age are taken. Or, they’re going through messy divorces, juggling work and part-time fathering responsibilities. So, not much time left over for dating fun. Is it any wonder that middle aged women are turning to toyboy dating for fulfilment?

How do we handle dating a younger man when that biological clock is ticking ever louder? We’re afraid that, if he hears it chiming, he’ll run scared. But, at some point, we might also want to broach the subject of children. At his age, he might not yet feel ready for kids. But show me a man who ever was… Just because he’s young doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want to father your babies. However, it might also mean that the timing’s all wrong for him.

There’s no easy answer to this. If this is a huge concern for you then you must ultimately be honest and open about your hopes. When time is of the essence, don’t waste your life with someone who really doesn’t want to go down that road with you. Perhaps you can still spend time together, but you might reach the understanding that it’s just for fun.

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