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Cougar Christmas crackers

Remember, a toy boy is not just for Christmas… He might not be forever either, but you’ll probably still want to give him a little festive gift.

Last year, I suggested your good self as a possible filler for a nice pair of stockings, which is lovely but not quite selfless once he’s unwrapped you. So, think small gadgetry or humorous personalised items. He might like manly treaty food such as exotic recipe dark chocolate, or try the specialist food section of a fancy supermarket if you know his taste. How about a token from a music store? Underwear and socks should probably be reserved as a gift from his mother, so avoid those. Think fun, and you won’t go far wrong.

Have you decided whether or not you’re each going to be meeting family this Christmas? As with any relationship, whether or not you choose to do Christmas together depends on what level you’re at. Although, we know that family might not accept your cougar toyboy hook-up in the welcoming way they’d accept a same-age relationship, so be prepared for veiled and not-so-veiled comments from relatives. Offspring could prove to be problematic in this respect, especially if a toyboy is taking the place of dad at the dinner table for the first time! Perhaps you could think about seating arrangements and put your eldest, or yourself, at dad’s former place at the table – not your toyboy!

Christmas can go either way – people can be on their best behaviour to begin with, but a few glasses of sherry can unleash any sarcastic tongue that wants to give you a good lashing. So, tread carefully. You might be lucky enough to have broad-minded relatives, but if you can’t face it, you can always keep in touch by texting: Your family will just have to wonder what has given you that mysterious rosy glow which is emanating more heat than the Christmas log.

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