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Surly sourpuss cougar-dissing

You’re about to have a catch-up date with some non-cougar girl friends, and you’re dying to tell them your latest gossip: You’ve been seeing a certain toyboy (or three) and you want them to mirror your delight. You’d really like to feel that they support you in your latest pursuits and that they’re happy for you. Well, don’t be surprised if you receive a mixed reception. Some will celebrate the news, clinking glasses with utterings of ‘you go grrrl’, ‘what a result’ and ‘I want one too!’. Lascivious laughter and probing questions follow, which you may, or may not, choose to answer! They’re the friends who are generally happy and contented with their lot.

However, watch out for the sourpusses who wish to burst your toy boy dating bubble. Some will genuinely fear for your heart and wish it to remain unbroken, but some will hide behind faux concern to make you wobble about your toyboy dating choices. Beware the green-eyed monster raising its ugly head! For example, they might suggest that the young man in question is obviously only after your money, or that ‘it’ll never last’. This is an insulting and dismissive response – have they neglected to notice that you’re still an attractive woman sporting a recently acquired ‘special glow’?

Perhaps the friends who question your choices don’t feel attractive for some reason. Have they had children late in life meaning that they are still up-to-their-eyes in nappies? Or are they fatigued by the endless school run and picking up after the family? They might even be stuck in their expectations of the safe ‘old you’ role that they’re used to. Some people are simply afraid of change, or feel left behind. Take all of this with a pinch of salt and don’t let doubters spoil your fun. Trust in your own judgement and experience of life. After all, any man of any age could potentially break your heart, but if you don’t leap you could miss out on a whole load of fun. If you do suspect that a friend’s negative response is really about their own unhappiness, then take the sensitive route; try not to gloat too much about your sexy new toy boy and how he delights in ‘ironing out your furrowed brow’.

Bear in mind that it can also be nice to keep your mysterious and delicious secret hidden. If folk ask about what lies behind your blushing broad grin, let them tease it out of you. At least then they can’t accuse you of showing off, and it might make the whole world of cougar toyboy dating seem all the more enticing.

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