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Toyboy hangouts – part 1

Apart from this site, of course, where can cougar ladies find tasty toyboys to play with in everyday life? Here are some ideas:

Wi-Fi zone/ Internet café:

These places are often staffed by hunky young baristas. Also, young men love to hang out where they can play with technology and sup a decent cuppa. Anywhere that enables good connectivity will attract them.

Taking your laptop might be a good excuse to start a conversation such as, ‘how strong’s your connection? Mine’s great, come and sit over here (pat-pat-pat)!’ Or, if you’re having technical problems, mister barista might be willing to help out. He’ll have to lean over your shoulder to get a better view. Plan ahead – wear that ever-so-slightly-revealing top, just in case!

If your targeted toyboy has his nose glued to an android phone, ask him what the latest funky apps are. Or, if you need to know any information and you haven’t yet graduated to android, you could use this as a way to start a conversation. Boys love to show off their toys. Ask him for directions, or even if there’s a sexy lingerie shop nearby. I’ve noticed than men in general are increasingly to be found fiddling with their hand-helds in public!

Public spaces/ parks:

Take care with your choice – some parks are perpetually inhabited by over-friendly down-and-outs clutching whisky bottles in paper bags. Keep to well-populated areas. I’m thinking summery weekday lunchtimes in public squares and green spaces. Anywhere that sees people kicking back from a hard morning’s work, catching some rays and admiring the view (you). Perhaps you can happen to be there at the same time every day if you clap eyes on toyboy temptation. Don’t be stalky about it though – no following allowed!

If you’re eating lunch, think about crumbs – that filo pastry tart will just make you look like you need a bib rather than showing off those sumptuous lips. Think crisps or grapes – they can be offered and shared. If it’s a windy day, your napkin might just flutter onto his lap…

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