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A very special someone!

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with someone very special. We went to a veggie place in Bath – his choice. Personally, I prefer to sink my freshly flossed canines into a juicy and medium-rare piece of former livestock, but I made an exception for him. After all, we were celebrating his birthday. I do partake in frilly leaves and lentils when the occasion, or even my health, requires it. And I’d do anything for him…

Yes, it’s time for you to become acquainted with my only son, Jez. He’s a title-sequence graphic designer for TV. I know what you’re thinking – perfect opportunity for me to meet handsome, eligible young men. Well, yes – and no! Jez is gay, as are many of his friends. And besides, I don’t think I could inflict on him the parental embarrassment of me dating one of his pals! Not that he totally disapproves of my ‘exploits’. In fact, sometimes he positively celebrates them, and is generally a very supportive son. Not that I haven’t had the opportunity, I might add. I have it on good authority that I’m in pretty good shape for my age – at least that’s what a certain younger conquest said when he happened to find out! Pilates helps – as does living on the top floor of a Georgian town house without a lift!

Jez and I do adhere to certain boundaries – we ‘shall not covet each other’s dates’ etc.

As well as celebrating his birthday, he also had some good news to share; he’s moving in with his boyfriend! So, while his mother is enjoying the middle-aged single life, he’s settling down. It’s all a bit topsy-turvy, but very modern – and I’m all for ‘very modern’ scenarios…

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