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Date with doctor

I wasn’t sure whether the phone number in the brolly was just a joke on me c/o the sniggering men’s department staff but, hey, life’s no rehearsal, so I dialled anyway. How could I have doubted my own finely tuned frisson-finder? Smile-inducing as it was, it was no joke. Umbrella Fella (aka Tariq) and I commenced an ‘affair’ last week!

He explained that, due to being in medical school, he couldn’t extend to a fancy meal, so we went to a local noodle place and split the bill. We had a drink in the bar next door – a sort of ‘all ages’ venue frequented by anyone from art students who need a good dunking in a deep bath, to sophisticated pre-theatre goers. So, it’s an ideal place to keep camouflage if you don’t want your age-gap liaison to draw too much attention. You know the type of thing – is that his mother? Then you give him a lingering kiss on the mouth and, out of the corner of your eyes, watch their jaws drop.

Tariq expressly apologised for his ‘immature’ giggling workmates, explaining that they were probably only jealous since they had nothing as intriguing going on in their sad little lives. Intriguing? I have to say I was quite flattered. He’s working weekends in the shop to help fund his studies then he intends to go abroad and cut his teeth ‘in the field’. So, I’d better not get too attached, but, no problem, it’ll no doubt be fun while it lasts. We had another date since then  – and let me tell you – it certainly lasts!

It just remains for me to wish you a very Merry Xmas one and all. Ladies – be sure to fill those stockings with some tasty treats for someone special – preferably some which have been freshly waxed and moisturised!

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