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Fond(ling) farewells

Well, I do apologise most profusely for not being here lately; I’ve been otherwise occupied having far too much fun with my lovely toyboy, Tariq, before he heads off to trot the globe. Yes, he is leaving me soon, for pastures new on a whole other hemisphere far from here. Hopefully, he’ll be taking his youthful and capable medical hands to someone who needs their help – in a much different way to how they’ve been busy just recently.

If you think I’m going to get all ‘poor me’ and pine for him – think again! I shall not blub uncontrollably into my ruffled bedlinnen, or lie face down on it, forlornly taking huge gulping sniffs of his pillow. Also, I shall not frequent his Facebook page for years afterwards searching for ‘I’m so happy’ photos showing new lovers, or even weddings and children. I fully understood the situation from the outset – it was always ‘no strings’. Of course I’ll miss his taut young skin and toned buttock muscles (I helped with that), but I’m sure I’ll find similar elsewhere in future.

Hopefully, you’ve heard enough of my personal exploits to gain an insight into the freedom and pleasures of toyboy/cougar dating, so I’m going to draw a line under ‘me me me’ for the time being. Instead, I’ll be taking a sneaky peek at the goings-on in the wider community of younger men and their older lady lovers. I’ll also be making some suggestions about how you might improve your chances of joining in the fun.

Thank you for reading and may you all continue to be happy and satisfied in your relationship choices.

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