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Mrs Smarty-party pants

Without wanting to go all Bridget Jones on you, I thought I’d take the opportunity to discuss the party-pants dilemma now that the festive season is in full swing.

We had our office do on Friday night, so I wore my new ‘something slinky’. But at my age, although I can just about pull it off, after a few party bites and a tummy sloshing with mulled wine, things can start to hang out a bit. So, I like to avoid this by opting for some figure-firming knickers, which span the area between armpit and mid-thigh thus creating a bronze statue effect!

However, if your ‘something slinky’ happens to work its magic then you might not be the only person ‘pulling it off’. So, if you end up with company later on, it’s going to be quite inconvenient for him, at 2 a.m., to hire a contraption from Tool Station to prize you out of the scaffolding!  Why not take along something suitably frilly to change into, in your handbag, just in case? If passionate explorations are on the cards, chances are that by that time you’ll both have had enough fizz not to notice any burgeoning bulges.

At the party, I managed to get chatting with Joel from IT. He’s thirty, and fresh out of a long-term relationship. He was certainly on a rebound flirt mission. I told him he must have a lot of fun, at this time of year, with a name like Joel – rhymes with Noël… So he well and truly shut me up under the mistletoe and after that I was, thankfully, lost for words. I didn’t pursue it though – I’m saving myself for my upcoming date with Umbrella Fella! So the scaffolding remained upright and intact that night.

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