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Snow beau

It’s so refreshing to have a relationship – whoops – affair/liaison/date where fun is of paramount importance. I’m done with house sharing, plan making, negotiating and compromising myself. That probably sounds terribly selfish, but I prefer to call it ‘self-full’. Sure, it’s comforting to come home to a cuddle and some support after a hard day’s work, but not if you’re the one doing all the propping-up.

This new decade business has made me reflective on how I arrived at these dating preferences I have. Jez is the fruit of a none-too-advisable union with an older man when I was at college. You could say I was ‘caught out’ and that it was an ‘accident’ but I prefer to take full responsibility for my own actions. Although Jez is a much-loved son, I did feel shackled at such an early age. I wound up hitched because I had a baby on the way and no job (still studying). I was also naïve – before long I was up to my eyes in nappies and basically became an unpaid housekeeper. If it wasn’t for an encouraging and dedicated tutor who thought I had talent, I might have totally dropped out of college. Instead, they gave me time out and I left Jez’s father to stay with my aunt. She helped me look after baby while I finished studying. Thank goodness for Auntie Eva!

So now it’s my time of life to have fun, and I had lots of that at the weekend when Tariq and I went sledging. The disadvantage of dating a younger man at this time of year is that he can run so much faster when pelting you with snowballs, and can make a fast getaway when you return the gesture. Of course, we were freezing and soaked from all that rolling around in the snow so unfortunately had to take off all our wet clothes when we got home and thaw out under a hot steamy shower. Shame!

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