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Strawberries and steam

If any of you ladies are thinking of going on a ‘miss breakfast’ diet in the hope that it will attract a younger man, then think again! If he wanted to get all tangled up with a bag of bones then he’d be going through the bins at the back of TGI Friday’s!

I believe­ – and perhaps I know from experience – that one of the reasons he, whoever he is, appreciates a maturer lady, is that he likes all the curves to be in all the right places! That, and our allure of confidence.

Why do you suppose so many dates involve food? Because it can be sensuous, especially if eaten in a sumptuous manner! Take a look at the steamy strawberry scene in Tess of the D’Urbevilles, where womanising Alec entices an innocent Tess with the fruit, or at Tom Jones, which contains a famous food-orgy scene. A hearty appetite at the table suggests a hearty appetite elsewhere, if you get my drift. And, if you’re both in somewhat of a hurry, the table may become the setting for activities other than dining…

So, if he offers to feed you a chocolate-covered strawberry by hand, then take full advantage – he’s not going to think you’ve turned into Miss Piggy. On the other hand, do check your pearly-whites, in the cutlery, for any leftover spinach; if things become more intimate later, he’s not going to want to get his tongue tangled up in your leftovers. After all, he’s going to need plenty of fuel to keep up with you!

And beware of presumptuously stealing food from under his nose. I made this terrible mistake once – toys were thrown out of prams and I had to buy him another desert! Not quite the result I’d hoped for.

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