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Sugar mummy not!

I spent Xmas day with Jez and David (my son and his partner) at David’s parents’ place. They laid on a hearty spread and much fun was had. They seem very accepting of the situation (gay son settling down).

Having assumed they must be fairly liberal, I had no qualms, after a sherry or two, in answering their polite probing into my own personal life. So, the guffawing nonsense issued from David’s father came as somewhat of a surprise. However, I’ve come to expect this – many chaps of a certain age feel threatened by the idea of ‘their’ womenfolk jumping ship to date younger men. Especially at a time when male midlife, and midriff, crises are setting in and prowess could be waning! He very kindly warned me – for my own good you understand – to be on my guard in case Tariq had some sort of ‘mother’ complex, or that he was simply an impoverished student who wanted a sugar mummy. I just laughed it off – from behind my gritted teeth – so as not to cause a scene, for Jez’s sake.

When I’m this happy, the opinions of bigots just wash over me! Tariq is an educated young man (25yrs old) who likes an intelligent and sexy woman (me) with whom to have plenty of fun between hard bouts of study – a sexy woman who isn’t about to tie him down (not in the way you think at any rate). And I must say I’m very pleased to be part of his playtime!

He’s back from visiting his family over the holidays, so I’m looking forward to having someone to warm cockles with again on these bitterly cold nights, and to bring back some sparkle after the deflation of undressing the Xmas tree. I hope there’s no sign of deflation next time I’m disrobed…

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