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Four out of 10 women are in the market for a younger man

Cougar women all over the UK are looking for their ideal cub according to a survey carried out for

The poll, involving 2000 women over the age of 40 revealed that four out of 10 are in the market for a younger mate – and a quarter of them already have a younger lover.

A cheeky 17 per cent of the women who took part in our survey admitted they would have an affair with a younger man if they knew their partner wouldn’t find out – while another 14 per cent confessed they often fantasise about having a man half their age.

Years ago, it was rare for an older woman to admit to a relationship with a younger man but that’s all changed.

It seems women everywhere are now emulating celebrity females who think there’s nothing wrong with cougar dating – and over half of the women surveyed believed that having a man a few years younger than them would help them to feel young!

The fact is that today’s 40-something woman looks and feels younger than ever and today’s modern young men appreciate the confidence and experience an older partner can offer. is the ideal place for older women to meet younger men – whether they’re looking for a serious relationship, simple friendship or no-strings-attached fun.

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