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Hot to Trott! Cheryl Fergison’s toyboy news

According to the Daily Mail this week, actress Cheryl Fergison (Heather Trott in Eastenders) has wooed herself a handsome new Moroccan toy boy. Yassim, the lucky young love interest, is nineteen years her junior, and the YesMrsRobinson crew are positively celebrating this happy union.

Not only did Cheryl and Yassim nurture love’s seedlings in cyberspace, but also they initially hooked up through a social networking site. Here we have another success story of worldwide web-land enabling the fusion of scattered lovers from all corners of the globe.

Another reason for raising a glass of fizz to Cheryl is that she doesn’t fit the usual celebrity toyboy-enthusiast template; she’s not particularly young-looking for her age and certainly hasn’t been quite as nipped and tucked as some middle-aged ladies-in-the-limelight. She’s real – and a hard working single mum to boot. Cheryl, with her ample proportions, is testament that any woman, not just your Courtneys and Camerons, can possess the powers of passion to pursue a relationship with a younger man if they so wish.

So, it’s all possible! And what better place to start than here, snuggled up under the (bingo) wings of Mrs Robinson, the ideal proving ground to help liberate you to the joys of toyboy dating?

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