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Cockney cougar Carol

The role of Eastenders cougar has recently been swiped from gorgeous Glenda’s grasp and been taken over by frumpy downtrodden Carol, of all people.

It’s a strangely touching yet twisted storyline involving Carol seemingly trying to ‘save’ her dead son’s best mate – the one that helped lure Billy into gangland trouble. Carol is trying to make up for her failings with Billy by doing right by Connor. She’s taking a somewhat alternative tack with Connor, giving him a tad more than the (s)motherly love she bestowed on her son.

Their mutual empathy over Billy’s death cooled Carol’s anger towards Connor, but things soon reheated into bodice-ripping passion over Pat’s kitchen table. And, as a treat for cougar viewers, most scenes involving Connor show him half-naked, perky pecks on display with trousers half-mast, revealing rather fetching underwear. No wonder Carol can’t control herself, especially now that she’s let him stay at her place while he ‘gets himself sorted’. In fact, it looks like Carol’s been helping to sort him out in more ways than one! Who can blame her? Probably Bianca…

Cougar toyboy dating critics will no doubt have a field day with this storyline: It rather peddles the idea that the older woman / younger man liaison is merely about the woman’s need to mother her ‘catch’. We beg to differ – many women seeking younger lovers probably want a breather from mothering, and cougar toyboy dating allows them some freedom to feel youthful and sexy again.

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  1. chris says:

    Carol is a sexy woman id have no problems being her Toyboy
    the fact she is such a strong willed woman makes her sexy, the storyline is
    kind of motherly driven which is a shame she is sexy without needing to seem motherly.

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