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Cougar toyboy video discussion

The video link below directs you to an interesting interview by Funmi Iyanda, an award winning Nigerian journalist. The two forty-something women discuss the pros and cons of cougar toyboy dating, although they don’t use those terms. There are some cultural differences, but the topics covered illustrate universal attitudes to older women dating younger men.

You might find some of the interviewee’s ideas controversial; they’re common but quite old-fashioned. The lady obviously isn’t quite up to speed with modern dating trends, although some of her response is based on her own personal preference. Funmi challenges her point of view. This will be fascinating for anyone considering age gap dating. The comment discussion below the video is also worth a read as it takes the debate further.

Or, you could just dive into, have heaps of fun and ignore what the chattering classes are gassing about while you’re living it.

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