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Tortoise vs. Hair of Toyboy

Catherine Zeta Jones has recently expressed an interest in taking on further cougar roles after her latest film, The Rebound, a romcom in which her single-mum character dates a young student/waiter. She wants to prove that 40-something Hollywood actresses can still be sexual creatures and not sidelined due to their age. This comes as no surprise to me, especially since CZJ’s real-life husband, Michael Douglas, has always reminded me of the wrinkly old tortoise in the opening credits of BBC comedy ‘One Foot in the Grave’. If I was faced with that every night, I might just become intensely interested in extra-curricular after-hours activities with my young work colleagues. Besides, I’d never get caught – wrinkly old tortoises simply can’t keep up! And, they don’t have as much lovely hair to tousle – just a leathery old hump on all-fours…

The current cougar/toyboy media fascination could spawn further opportunities for actresses in their prime of life with a whole lot left to give. However, I do think it’s a pity that, in order to keep hold of their rewarding and fulfilling careers, actresses must do so by proving their worth through sexuality rather than previously demonstrated acting talent.

I must give an honourable mention to this rather remarkable Malaysian lady – Wook Kundar – surely the most senior cougar on the planet? She’s 108 years old, and back in 2006 she married her 22nd husband, a young slip-of-a-thing, 70 years her junior. They made the news again recently because toy boy hubby developed bad habits involving naughty drugs and had to do a year-long stint in rehab. Wook was slightly concerned about him being tempted by a younger model while ‘inside’, but they were recently happily reunited in marital bliss. So, take comfort from their story and forget ‘the math’ – the pluses far outweigh the minuses in cougar/toyboy dating land.

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