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Cougar chat-up faux pas

You’ve come to the right place if you want to meet a new toy boy, because one of the first things I’d suggest is joining a niche dating site such as this one.

It’s not always easy to meet people, especially people with whom you would not normally socialise due to their age. And, if you’ve already decided on the required ingredients to satisfy your appetite for the fresh and juicy, it makes sense to head straight for the shop that stocks what you want. There you can get a good look at that shiny apple before you risk taking a bite!

Ok, so you happen to end up chatting with potential toyboy dating material – what to talk about? You’ve probably already flashed each other a genuine and inviting smile – the best way to get a conversation started. Ice-breakers can simply be comments on the reason that you happen to find yourselves thrown together on the same patch of earth – perhaps you’re in a frustratingly long queue (at the University cash point?!).

The main issue to bear in mind is that there will inevitably be cultural differences of experience due to the generation gap. So, it’s best to keep things on common and contemporary ground. Imagine, on your first date you start regaling your toy boy with tales of Hartley Hare from Pipkins, and how you used to love bouncing on your pogo stick or space hopper. Result? The tumbleweed will appear to sweep across the age gap rift valley in front of your very eyes and the spell will be broken. Why not try jobs, hobbies, current events, latest films (you could suggest seeing one together), current TV soap/drama plots? Even the weather has been known to kindle the flames of fiery passion (see ‘Umbrella fella’ in my diary archive). All I’m really saying is keep it current and up-to-date to avoid stumbling straight into the age gap chasm.

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