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Caution! Cougar cake on the side

If you watch Eastenders, you might have noticed the recent development of a cougar toyboy storyline between Glenda (Ronnie and Roxy’s mum) and the handsome young Leon. While working in the bookies, Glenda performs her ‘come and get me’ cougar magic on him in a bid to prove her unceasing pulling power to frumpy old Carol. Leon has a girlfriend (the feisty Zsa Zsa) but this minor detail doesn’t stop him wanting to have his cougar cake and eat it. He plans a licentious liaison with Glenda before hoping to hit the road on a trip with his girlfriend. Zsa Zsa, being a spunky tough-cookie, finds out and reaps revenge by public humiliation. She lures him on sexual promises then steals all his clothes apart from his birthday suit, leaving him displaying family jewels that Queen Victoria herself would covet.

If you’re in a long-term relationship with Amazon-woman, you might want to think twice about the understandable temptations of that cougar-on-the-side if you want to keep hold of your chances of having children in later life! Of course, we understand that the very danger of this set-up could make the illicit tasting of toyboy cougar dating delights all the more sweet. I do believe, however, that it’s rarely a case of ‘if’ they find out, more a case of ‘when’.

It’s quite conceivable that your secret cougar lady might actually feel flattered that you also have a young attractive girlfriend, suggesting that she is still hot enough to compete with younger women. It could, however, come as quite a blow to a cougar’s self-esteem to discover (if she didn’t already know) that you’re attached to a much younger woman than she is. To the young lady girlfriend it might be insulting to find out you have two-timed her with someone old enough to be her mother. Try to be a good judge of the emotional state of those involved in order to avoid hurting people. ‘Open’ relationships can be ok if all involved are in agreement and know the score, but not if one person is unhappy with the situation. You could end up with more cake than you can manage, or you could be left without one single miserable crumb.

Have you been involved in any cougar toyboy triangles, and what happened? Would you consider having an illicit cougar toyboy affair?

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