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From threads to beds – toyboy tog blog

A well-turned-out toyboy is a must for a first date with any sophisticated cougar lady. We’re not necessarily talking formal threads here, but it’s nice to think that a young man has at least seen a bar of soap in an effort to scrub up in preparation; it’s all about respect.

You might be very fond of that Inbetweeners T-shirt stating all manner of side-splitting filth to describe how women flock around you, but being referred to using such vocabulary won’t overly thrill your date. Yes, you probably do possess the powers to attract women, but there really is no need to advertise it with comedy quips emblazoned across your chest. Save that for a night out with mates. We’re not saying that cougars aren’t into puerile humour – I’m sure some of them are – only that she might not want to feel like she’s dating her nephew. And, despite how casual the relationship might be, she certainly wants to feel respected. Such clothing is highly suitable for impressing your peers, but not your older-lady lover.

I suggest going for a casual-but-clean look (depending on where the two of you are going for your cougar/toyboy date). You can’t go wrong with a crisp shirt and trousers or jeans. Add a jacket if you’re dining somewhere swanky. However, you’ll want to feel comfortable in your own skin on the date, so don’t stray too far off your usual beaten track when it comes to fashion choices.

Do plan ahead if there’s any chance that you’ll both end up at your place: When was the last time you laundered the sheets? Snuggling up to three months’ worth of your old skin cells won’t be much of a turn-on. And, does that Arsenal duvet cover really cut the mustard? I hope I’m not generalising too much, but young men aren’t usually renowned for their domestic flair.

As a lady with plenty of experience in the toy boy dating department, I’d say that clothing with buttons to undo is a great turn-on. Shirt buttons are to a woman what a dress zip is to a man. Imagine unwrapping a longed-for gift, or even ripping that wrapping off in a flurry of heated passion because you just can’t wait to play with what’s hidden inside. Yes, buttons for cougar dating are highly recommended…

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