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Gift dos and don’ts for cougars

You might want to give your cougar lady a special treat now and again – and they do still have birthdays even if they won’t admit it. Just don’t mention figures! Here are some gift ideas for the older woman, which can also be suitable for cougar toyboy dating:

Do Lingerie: You can sneakily discover her size by looking at the heatedly removed undergarments scattered around the bedroom. Quickly check her size when she pops out to the bathroom. It might be considered too rude to ask. Think sophisticated colours such as deep purples or cream and ‘naked’ colours. Girly pinks, slogans and too many frills might be too teenage. Although she wants to feel young, she doesn’t want to feel like mutton dressed as lamb. You should have a pretty good idea of her preferred colours – take note when checking out the labels. A matching set makes a good gift, which you will both appreciate time and time again…

Do Vouchers from her favourite shop. Many people think vouchers are a last-minute cop-out, but I disagree. It’s nice to have a shopping trip look forward to. Make it a bit more special by offering to come along too. Make a day of it: also do lunch or go to the cinema or a gallery.

Do Spa session: Ladies love a relaxing pamper day. Again, perhaps you could arrange to go together and meet up in the whirlpool after each having a massage. All those bubbles and steam baths can provide for a deeply relaxing precursor to sex. Just try to wait ‘til you get home or you might find yourselves featured in the local rag!


  • Chocolates – she might be watching her weight.
  • Cheap perfume – she doesn’t want to smell like a hotel toilet.
  • Kitchen utensils/ equipment – now come on toyboys, these are liberated ladies!
  • Make-up – she knows what she likes; you probably don’t.

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