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Ten telltale cougar signs

  1. Well dressed: She looks spick and span and scrubbed up, like someone who takes care over her appearance.
  2. Hair dye: She might be sneakily covering up a few silver strands to help disguise her real age.
  3. Laughter lines: Look at her eyes – a few crinkles at the corners and on her neck will give you a rough idea of age, especially if she’s flashing you a sexy smile.
  4. Come hither looks: She’s looking right at you and holding your gaze for longer than is strictly necessary. It’s enough to makes a young man blush!
  5. Venue: She doesn’t look the sort who’s into football or rugby, but you always notice her in the bar where you guys go for your after-training drink.
  6. Hands: Well manicured – not dirty broken gardening nails but nails poised and prepared to scratch your back.
  7. Feet: In summer, look at her feet – do those little piggies look like they’re waiting for a nibble? Are they clean, polished with a big toe pointing in your direction?
  8. Confidence: She’s happy enough to be sipping a cocktail alone in a well-healed bar. She’s not gnawing on her nails, looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
  9. Mystery: She has an air of mysterious allure about her – a wise countenance as if she’s lived life and is harbouring hidden stories.
  10. Forward: She’s just ambled over, winked and waved a leaf from her Moleskine under your nose. Written on it is her number. Call it ­– the rewards will be plenty.

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