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Toyboy tribulations – introducing cougar to mum

Be afraid; be very afraid – and be brave. It’s got to be done if you two are getting serious.

Depending on the age disparity between you both, it could be the case that your mum and your ladyfriend are closer in age than you and your ladyfriend are. There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s all going to be a bit weird, isn’t it? Especially so for your mum, who probably didn’t imagine her precious little boy ending up with a much older woman. All parents hope for the perfect partner for their son and also the perfect mother for their grandchildren. So, there might be a few disappointments to negotiate before they feel able to accept your situation. Your mum might be the one to feel this the most – simply because you’re dating a woman almost old enough to be your mother…

On the plus side, the age similarity between your mum and your cougar lady could mean that they have stuff in common – and they might even get along swimmingly because of this. You never know!

Do broach the age thing with your parents before you take Ms Cougar home to meet them. It would be mean to land this shock on them – unless they really are extremely liberal. Perhaps your partner could take some flowers for your mum?

Really, your parents’ main concern ought to be your happiness, and if this cougar toyboy relationship is making you truly happy, then who’s to argue with that? If they do take serious issue with it, then you’ll just have to agree to disagree. Respect on both sides will go a long way to keeping this situation sweet.

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