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Why A Younger Man Should Date an Older Woman

Back in the days of the film character that gave this website its name, it was pretty rare for an older woman to date a younger man.

Or rather, if they were involved with someone young enough to be their son, it wasn’t something that the 1960s Mrs Robinsons talked about in public.

But times have changed and many older women are now only too happy to admit that they prefer their men on the good side of 30 – or even younger!

In fact, 2010 is predicted to be the Year of the Cougar – and why not?

An ‘older woman’ these days is likely to be youthful looking, in great physical shape and looking for some excitement in her life. But often, she’s already accomplished a great deal in her career and knows the importance of relationships.

Cue the younger man, stage right.  He’s tired of being given the brush off by trendy teenagers and Twenty-somethings who aren’t interested in him unless he’s got a high flying job and a wardrobe full of designer gear.

In fact, Mrs Robinson is just what he’s looking for. A woman who will appreciate him for what he is. A woman who knows what she wants in life and has the self confidence to go for it.

This can be a refreshing change for a young guy who’s used to dating girls of his own age.  Often, they don’t really know what they want themselves so how on earth is their guy supposed to figure it out 

Older women are usually comfortable with themselves – or at least they’ve got over the complex they had at one time about their ears being too big or their complexion being less than perfect.

Of course, an older woman still expects to be treated decently and complimented on her appearance (that’s a given for any female after all!). But she won’t be constantly looking for reassurance that she looks great and she won’t turn it into a huge drama if you ring her 10 minutes later than you promised.

Even better, an older woman has the kind of level-headed maturity that comes only with life experience. She’s unlikely to be into the kind of dating games that younger women like to play.

And that makes things much less complicated for everyone. She knows what she’s looking for and unlike her younger counterparts, she isn’t too shy to let her younger guy in on the secret.

Then there’s her wealth of experience – both sexual and otherwise.  Many younger men have stumbled through a number of relationships with women of their own age.

But they still don’t really know a lot about what women want because so many younger women are loathe to spell it out. Often, the only thing a guy knows is what she didn’t like!

So Mrs Robinson comes into her own here!  She’s been there and bought the t-shirt – and often she’s only too happy to teach a younger guy a few bedroom tricks.

But of course she has lots of experience outside of the bedroom too and can be a great help in dealing with difficult situations – such as when you’ve had a falling out with your best mate or a tricky situation at work.

Chances are, she’s gone through something similar and knows the pros and cons of the different solutions involved.

And last but not least, she’s often already had her fairytale White Wedding with huge reception, complete with horse drawn carriage and ice sculptures.

So she knows only too well that Happy Ever After isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be and that buying your first home can bring stress, expense and lots of tiring decorating – rather than the perfect married life you see in the movies.

In short, she’s reached a stage in her life when it’s not all about climbing the career ladder, getting kids into the best nursery and owning the biggest house on the street.

It’s more about personal fulfilment, making time for the things that really matter in life and – most of all – having a great time.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s her younger beau rather than the cougar herself who stands to benefit from the older woman/younger man relationship.

Far from it – there are lots of bonuses for her too as we’ll outline in our next article – What’s In It for the Cougar.

3 Responses to “Why A Younger Man Should Date an Older Woman”

  1. Chris says:

    2010 certainly is the year of the cougar… I finished with one a couple of months ago. We got on perfectly fine… but not a shred of decency. I am not talking about “bedroom antics” I am talking HUMAN decency.

    So what does this site and the cougars on it define as acceptable (or unacceptable) behaviour – or is it really no holds barred?

    She drew me in with tales of woe about the nasty husband who ditched her, and her ex who abandoned her when her mum died – and then she found out he’d been cheating on her. My Mum died the day before our first date (Easter Monday this year). So when she turned up I wasn’t exactly in the mood. Well, she comforted me… we got close in the days that followed. We made love first time the day before her funeral. She got to know my family, I got to know hers, and we settled into a chilled out relationship. She then planned a holiday which I paid for… to “get away from the stress of it all”. Together.

    Then 4 days to go before the holiday… she pulled the plug on everything. Why? Because my Mum had died and she saw my grief as weak. She then proceeded to take the p… out of my sisters for being heartbroken too. She attacked me verbally – and once, physically – for being too emotional over it all.

    We stayed in touch and things eventually calmed down… 2 weeks ago she asked me to visit her as it was a year ago last September that HER Mum died – and she was having trouble coping. Well, being the better person, I went up there I met her at a pub. She was in pieces.

    I comforted her (no not in the sordid way…) and once she’d “vented”m we had a lovely meal together… then she switched back into “bitch mode”. Went off to the loo, came back putting make-up on, started talking about all her other conquests in the last 3 months, admitted to cheating on me with her ex all the time we were together.

    I drove her back to her place… she told me not to follow her in as she’d texted another guy to come round for no strings sex. For the first time in my life I understood why some men treat women so bad. I could have very easily slapped her. Actually if she had been a man, she’d have got a hell of a lot more than that. I didn’t even wait for her to get out of the car before I started moving it… think she still has a bad ankle. So what. She wounded my pride and my faith and trust.

    I never expected “us” to last because of what it was and the age gap… Never expected to be ripped to shreds for effectively grieving for my Mum. And the temerity of her to use that as an excuse when she can’t get over the death of HER Mum a year ago is beyond the pale.

    So I ask… where does a cougar draw the line between getting what she wants when she wants it and crossing the boundaries of human decency? Or is it really “no rules”?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Chris. Thank you for your post and for being so open. I’m sorry you had a bad experience dating an older woman, clearly there were issues with the individual you were dating and it’s certainly not the case that all cougar women are cruel and heartless. I hope it hasn’t put you off the many benefits of dating a mature woman and you have better luck next time.

  3. Edel says:

    Hi Chris,
    To be blunt, you need to ask yourself why you chose this woman in the first place, issues are present at all ages by the way….:-)

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